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“The great hidden scandal in the property industry”
— Anthony Browne, MP

As reported in the news
The Times - "Most homes for sale are smaller than advertised"
The Telegraph - "Homeowens risk legal action for selling mis-measured properties"
Express - "The floorplan mismeasurement scandal that's costing homebuyers billions"
Evening Standard - "Buyers are paying thousands of pounds too much for homes that don't measure up"
The Sun - "Home buyers urged to check floor plans as they could 'tens of thousands'"
This is - "Are YOU paying too much for a mismeasured house? Buyers risk being fooled by inaccurate floor plans"
Did you know?

The average London property is mismeasured by 54 sqft. That's the size of a small bedroom or study. In houses this rises to 92 sqft.

For more details on our research, view the Spec white paper.
Bedroom example

Spec Verified® floor plans are guaranteed to be accurate to 99% of a property’s true size

Spec Verified floor plan
Average of 5 million points of measurement for a 1,000 sqft property
Every Spec Digital Surveyor is a professional RICS Certified Property Measurer
Backed by £10M insurance (insured for accuracy)
Industry leading hardware capturing up to 420,000 points of measurement per second
Data processed through first of its kind software and AI to achieve highly accurate measurements
21 step quality control process conducted for every floor plan

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“Spec's accurate floor plans are the step forward the industry needs.”

Paula Higgins,
CEO & Founder, HomeOwners Alliance

“Spec’s accurate property measurement is of great assistance to everyone involved in the property buying or selling process.”

Mark Bentley,
Former President, NAEA Propertymark

“We are delighted to be working with Spec, who are committed to ensuring their Digital Surveyors work to RICS standards.”

Matt McDermott,
RICS Programme Director of International Standards, RICS
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