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21% of the UK’s carbon footprint comes from road transport emissions*

*Office of National Statistics, “Road transport and air emissions”, 2019

At Spec, we’re taking cars off the road with virtual viewings

We’re seeing the physical journey to the property for a viewing happen less frequently, as people make more use of our game-changing virtual tours and Spec Verified accurate floor plans to view properties remotely.

Consumer searching for properties online with Spec virtual viewings
Changing behaviour with immersive, trusted digital assets

Around 26,800,000 physical property viewings a year in the UK could be replaced with a Spec virtual tour.

This could lead to a combined reduction in driving of 410,000,000 miles.

Reducing cars on the road by


Reducing greenhouse emissions by

95.3k tonnes

The same carbon footprint as

11.8k homes

Read our White Paper to discover how we’re tackling the climate and air quality crisis

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Spec virtual viewings white paper